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As you might expect, the main activities at Limpopo Safaris all revolve around animals and nature.  If you visit Limpopo Safaris as a non-hunter, you are most welcome to join the hunter while hunting – at no extra cost.  If you know in advance that you don’t wish to join the hunt everyday, it is a good idea to book a nature guide, who can take you on a photo safari, walking safari, go fishing, see the cave paintings or visit the town of Musina, where you can feel the pulse of a small African town.  In addition to the many exciting game species here, the area is also a paradise for bird watchers.  It is also possible just to sit back and relax, to enjoy your wonderful surroundings and make use of the lodges facilities. 

Limpopo Safaris lies in an area where it is easy to arrange single day or overnight excursions to surrounding attractions.  Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana is one such attraction; here you have an excellent chance of seeing lions, leopards and elephants in broad daylight.  The Kruger National Park is also well worth a visit, and it is only a 90km drive away. 

Bush diners are arranged at least once a week.  Here you eat on the summit of one of the local hills while enjoying the sunset & view