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Game Viewing / Drives

Game drives are part of the daily routine of the tourist in our part of the country. Before dinner when all of the guests are joining the guides at the fire place, the daily planning for the following day start. Normally the morning game drive is arranged for departure very early in the morning, but this all is planned according to your personal wishes. During these early morning drives, many different species can be spotted, normally if the drive happen before sunset, it is arranged to have a cup of hot coffee or tea on a koppie while you watch the sun rise.

Afternoon game drives normally depart a short while after lunch. And last until sunset. This is normally viewed from a lookout point with a glass of sparkling wine or the beverage of your choice

Normally a short bushwalk is combined with the game drive. During these walks our professional trained Nature Guides will amaze you with their vast knowledge of the different fauna & flora. They also have some exciting stories of how the native Africans used to use the material they could find in nature for survival and medicine.