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This enormous hunting district of approximately 45 000Ha lies in South Africa’s northernmost corner, and here you can hunt in the magnificent, undisturbed bushveld, comprising of hilly terrain with many baobab trees (the giants of the bush), and more open areas dotted with acacia trees. The vegetation types are officially referred to as Mopane veld or Sweet Bushveld. “Mopane” refers to one of the most dominant tree species in the area.

During the past years Limpopo Safaris has always been known for its great wealth of game, and the high quality of it trophies, medal winners are often taken here. During the first years we were the handling the management of Limpopo Safaris, but as from the beginning of 2011 we are the proud owners and you can rest assured that this will continue to be one of our guarantees.

A very high proportion of those visiting Limpopo Safaris are families and / or returning customers, this can be put down to the high level of service and accommodation, and the simple fact that people enjoy being here because we cater in all aspects for hunters as well as tourists and their families.

The quality of the trophies are extremely high standard, as the game is being managed according to very strict policies and each year there is only a limited quota on the species available for hunting.

Sable, Roan antelope, White Rhino, Black Rhino and many more species have been reintroduced to the area during the past years with very good results.






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